Awakenings is a newly formed Qawwali Group made up of Sahaja Yogis living in the U.S.A. Their first recording, “Qawwali Voices of America”, is a double CD package which was recorded by Matt Malley and Nitin Haldankar at the Los Angeles Ashram recording studio.

The group consists of Nitin Haldankar: lead vocals, Matt Malley: Harmonium, Satish Mopur, Ravindra Kulkarni, Viraj Talpade and Matt Malley: chorus.
This CD is being sold within Sahaja Yoga to raise money for the Canajoharie School Expansion Project, after the CD printing costs are met.

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All Tracks on the Album

Disc 1 Disc 2
  1. Mataji Mataji (25:12)
  2. Nirmal Kali Kamaliya Wale (13:45)
  3. Allah Mohammed Chaar Yaar (15:18)
  1. Ya Haiyo Ya Qayyum (29:19)
  2. Dai Hali Maa (14:50)

Disc 1

Mataji Mataji (25:12)
Qawwali in Praise of Shri Mataji, a Sufi dialogue describing her Primordial existence and immaculate Power

Nirmal Kali Kamailya Wale (13:45)
A devotional poetry speaking of how the Divine has always been the guiding force for mankind during the time of turmoil.

Allah Mohammad Chaar Yaar (15:18)
A Sacred chain of Love and Devotion between God Almighty, Prophet Mohammad and Sufi saints Haji, Khwaja, Kutub and Fareed.

Disc 2

Ya Haiyo Ya Qayyum (29:19)
Described in Sufi tradition as Hamd, a deeply auspicious song Venerating the Supreme God Almighty and instigating blissful moments of joy leading to peace

Dai Hali Maa (14:50)
Holy events and Divine stories that occured during the birth of Prophet Mohammad and his guardian Mother Hali Maa.